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Curves, Skates and Bruises

 Web Episode #002a – Curves, Skates, & Bruises (Clean version)


Web Episode #002b – Curves, Skates, & Bruises (EXPLICIT LANGUAGE)
DIRECTOR’S CUT – Comes with more hip hitting action.

Web Episode #002c – Behind the Scenes video BLOOPER REEL

Its the Prairie Traveler meets Roller Derby.  It is unlike any other sport I have ever seen. I saw the high energy in the warm-up and practice. These girls are tough! This sport is very rough and tumble, to put it mildly. Not only could I see and hear them when they make contact with other players, I can also feel the vibration through the concrete floor when they collided with each other and the ground. If you sit too close, a skater might end up falling into your lap or running into you.  So if you want to see Michael J. Lai getting smashed, then watch on.

My goal of this film was to embody the pure energy, adrenaline and exhilaration. I wanted you to feel as if you were playing alongside the players in the game.

Roller Derby is a contact sport. Two teams, each made up of five members, roller skate in the same direction around a track. There are a series of short matchups called JAMS. Both teams designate a scoring player called JAMMER, who scores points by lapping members of the opposing team. Teams try to block the opposing jammer while helping their own jammer. They are playing both offense and defense at the same time.

***Since these shots were taken at a live game there were no re-takes.  It is such a fast paced action to capture, at times I would be worried about my cameras getting all smashed up, as those no holds barred girls, but lucky everything was ok, including the players.

***Thank you to Shannon Ellis for her work on the poster

***Working with “Nyna Von Vaughn” was such a pleasure, I would say without her, this project wouldn’t of been possible.

***Thank you to all the members of the the Pile O’ Bones Derby Club.  The girls welcomed me and were very open to allowing me to film them.  It was a pleasure to work with all of you.

***Thanks to Florence Hwang for copy editing this content.


Photo courtesy by Jay Seitz

Attaching Camera 2

Photo courtesy by Angie Wagar

Attaching camera-1

Photo courtesy by Rob Vida

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