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Cute & Cuddly in Saskatchewan

WEB FILM #501a – Cute & Cuddly in Saskatchewan


WEB FILM #501b – Cute & Cuddly in Saskatchewan (Barn Dance Saturday Night)

I was invited to come out and film a bunch of Llamas and Alpacas coming home from pasture and I had no idea what to expect. Upon arriving east of Saskatoon, I was pleasantly surprised by the vast number of adorable creatures. I could of make this film as part of my travel series, but felt that the format of a informative documentary would be best suited for this subject. I shot the majority of this with a single camera for the entire afternoon. I had a blast editing this film. The professor who I interviewed was great on camera. You can tell he loves his research. People from the prairie are down to earth people and kept it real and universal for all the viewers. A Llama research station in the middle of the prairies – what’s not to like.

When the professor says, “… a beautiful October day in Saskatchewan”, that is so true, there are not many days like those here, especially in the late month of October.  See the prairie traveler as Michael J. Lai with the alpaca and llama.  I would even have a window modified so they can peak their head in from time to time.  Maybe I would setup a jogging course for myself and take my Ilama/alpaca for a run.  And maybe some lambs, ostriches turkeys, wallabys, and a monkey.

***Took one day to film,  filmed from 13:00 to 18:00

***It took me some time on deciding on a good title for this film, months I believe, that  would aptly describe the film.

***When I was filming these lovely creatures they were very curious of me.  They kept coming to me and following me around in a quizzical fashion, which was great, I would get great closeups.   I later discovered that they were very interested in my round wool hat and my mic windsock.

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