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POSTER 0002 - Last Days of Harvest edit

Web Series 001 – Last Days of Harvest

There is a certain beauty or charm that the prairies have to offer. There is something to be said about experiencing its wide openness, seeing the shapeless wind slowly combing the wheat fields, hearing the pleasant music of the song birds singing in the distance, and seeing the occasional wildlife meandering about. As you witness the beauty, take a long deep breath of the clean, fresh, crisp air. As you breath out, look to the horizon and gaze upon the beautiful sunrise and sunsets. This is the home of Michael J. Lai, also known as the Prairie Traveler.

When the harvest season comes and goes its time to celebrate on the wonderful bounty that the earth has given us. For many its a time to relax and prepare for the winter season and for some to work in the city, but for myself my, adventures is just beginning……

Around 12 years ago while driving on the long lonely straight highways roads of Saskatchewan, I had an idea of how to start this first video. I kept notes of my ideas, created some storyboards and I filed it for the future. An opportunity came to film this project and jumped right in. It took me some time to find a suitable location and people that were willing to work with me on this project. Then everything fell into place. Most of the video, I shot by myself . It was very fortunate that the weather cooperated.

***I decided to leave in some of the wind noise on the audio track, as it is part of Saskatchewan.

***In the airport scene, we were being paranoid about security stopping us not that we were doing anything wrong because of heightened security measures.  We kept it low key. We didn’t film anyone in the airport, just the outside facade.  I also had to get a shot of a plane flying overhead the airport, which as an afterthought could have been considered conspicuous behaviour.

***I lot of credit goes to Burk Reiman, who owns the farm and an antique shop behind the #1 highway just north of Moose Jaw where most of these scenes were filmed.  The dogs Raven and Mace, who just interacted with me on camera, without rehearsal. The scene worked great. The dogs are the most gentle and friendly I have worked with.  Special thanks goes out to Jalyn Euteneier, who was the actress in this film.

***Lyle Pitzer helped me finish the editing and taught me a few short cuts. Thanks o wise and humble man.

***Thanks to Florence Hwang for copy editing this content.

on the farm with Michael J. Lai

Wide Open Prairie.Still001

grain elevator.Still001 The Golden Weeks of Harvest

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