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Corner Gas: The Movie Trailer Video

Woke up early to a beautiful day. Birds singing, not a cloud in the calm blue sky. It was a perfect day to be on the Corner Gas The Movie set. As this is my first time on an actual movie set, I didn’t know what to expect. I have made my own short films, but this, — this is real. I had my eyes wide open and ear to the ground. It was a great place to learn and witness the skills both in-front of and behind the camera.
I came early to meet with other Kickstarter people and the background extras. Got the grand tour of the various sets and locations, filled in the paperwork, got the final check in wardrobe and we were all excited to be in the scene with the cast of Corner Gas. I was given my action and cues, blocking/spacing. Then, we were ready to film the scene.
The “The Wullerton Spiting Scene” took three hours to film. Then, off to craft services, where the food caterer was great, and also took plenty of photos. It was a wrap for us extras. On the drive back home, I was so excited. I thought to myself, Wullerton, oh that is how it was spelled? I thought it was Wolferton, Wolwerton, or even Woolerton. Then, I had an idea. Wouldn’t it be funny, a play on words “wool” = sheep.  On the rest of the ride home, I was giggling and laughing to myself as I was recording voice memos. Another idea born for the Prairie Traveler.  The rest is history, so says Michael J. Lai.

**I filmed this short at the beginning of Aug 2014 – about a month after my role in Corner Gas the Movie.

**This was my first time working/acting with sheep. They are very skittish and easily scared. You just can’t approach one and pet it. If just one sheep runs, they all run. It took many, many hours of herding the sheep and keeping them isolated into one area then letting them loose for the chase scenes. The sheep scenes took about 2 days to shoot. Thanks to Clayton Mund the owner and operator of Fieldstone Ridge. Without his help this would have been possible. Also thanks to Billy Hamilton (camera) and Barry Ellis, who also helped wrangle the sheep.

**The Woolerton sign took about a day to design and assemble.

**The camping scene was filmed at another location just outside the city where my crew and I were getting eaten alive by mosquitoes. It was a good thing I brought repellent. The mosquitoes were so thick that you can see them swarming around me forming a balloon-shaped halo as they tried to penetrate my mosquito repellent shield.

**The film shows me falling a sleep in a grassy field, but waking up in a different field. It is implied that the sheep came along at night and ate everything as they usually do.

**Other possible title for this video: Camping Gone Wrong – Corner Gas Style, Violence of the Lambs, The Prairie Traveler vs. Sheep, Shear Terror, Road to Corner Gas, Sheep Mug Shot.

***I would like to thank Lenka Jordanov. We met on set and we both have the same drive for film and she is an all around great person. I thank her for the collaboration, support, encouragement, and guidance.

***Thanks to Florence Hwang for copy editing this content.

In Closing, when Corner Gas was finished with filming, the producers held a huge wrap-up block party called Dog River Days as referenced in episode 99. It was an open invite. It was a great family event where people travelled from out of the province and country to attend. Five months later, I attended the red carpet premiere of the movie and had a great time. One thing that I will always remember is that the Corner Gas team is all about community and giving back to its fans. They made people feel inclusive and at times would go out of their way to make you feel that you are taken care of. Even though it was my first experience on a movie set, I knew that this is what I wanted to do. Thank you Corner Gas for your inspiration and allowing me to be part of your dream of making the movie and kick starting my dream. Even though this film marks the end of the series and it’s a shame it had to end. What a way to pay tribute to Corner Gas then to create a homage by producing a fan made parody. When I say I was on Corner Gas, that is a badge of honour that I will wear proudly.

Photo 2014-11-25, 22 18 10

Goofy me, Liz, Brent, Aimee

Dog river day clap_0

Dog River Days. Can you find me?

sheep business card 1

SHEEP SCENES, Location and business where I filmed.

sheep business card 2

Our lamb does not contain hormones. They have been fed a diet of native prairie grasses through the summer and chemical-free hay in winter. As a result, the meat is very lean and nutritious. WEB SITE PENDING

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