• Frequently Asked Qustions
  • Origins of your name "The Prairie Traveller"

    A friend from eastern Canada, coined the phrase, because it seemed that I was always out and about travelling and doing stuff.  So I decided to adopt it as my own.

  • How many people does it take to do one of your videos?

    It varies from project to project, I do about 90% of the work myself.  The people that do help me I am very thankful and appreciative of their time and give credit were available, without them the production couldn't be done.

  • Can I help with any of your videos?

    Yes I have a few projects where I will need some help from a few people to volunteer their time. I film most of my work in Saskatchewan.  If you live in Saskatchewan and can seriously (ie: really want to help) and donate your time free of charge, feel free to email me with a bit of information about yourself.

  • I don't live anywhere near you, how can I help?

    With the use of the internet, I could always use help with post production.  If you are experienced with Photoshop, Aftereffects, etc... that would be a great.  If I travel to your area perhaps volunteering your time to being a guide/translator/transport for be great too.

  • You keep forgetting my name..

    Yes I know.  I am usually good at remembering people's faces and I am working on remembering peoples names.  It's a personal problem that I am trying hard to remedy, it is a work in progress.

  • Would you film my wedding?

    Sorry, I don't do weddings or other such events, it's nothing personal.  It seems when I yell, "Cut!!!  Good, good, .... Lets do it again, but this time, with more of a dramatic flare!!!!" I notice the person conducing the ceremony gets all upset.

  • You must be rich to travel, take me with you?

    If I was rich I would find some other things to do.  Seriously I travel on a student's budget and I usually travel alone.

  • How long does it take for you to finish your videos?

    It varies, as I have other projects on the go and also other life interests.  I am also a perfectionist, I want a good film so I take my time making sure things are right.  Some projects have taken me two days while others 2+ years.  It all depends on the project.

  • I said HI to you and you seemed to ignore me, you jerk!

    Normally I am happy and chipper, but there are times where, I may have production deadlines to meet, deep in thought ... brain-storming my next new film project, generally, etc.... after all I am just human.   These things can keep me mentally preoccupied and I don't mean to ignore you.  I must also state that I have a minor hearing problem, that sometimes led to some embarrassing misunderstandings.

  • Why do you volunteer your time doing videos?

    I like shooting video and if I can give back to the community it is even better.

  • If you do your projects for free, how do you get paid?

    I do most of my projects for free, especially for non-profit organizations, it is like I am volunteering for them.  I do it for the enjoyment of it.  I consider this as part of my creative art.  I do have some other sources of income and whatever money I have left after bills, I save for my next travel adventures.



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