Nicaragua the Land of Lakes, Volcanoes and Zombies

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WEB EPISODE #004a – PART 1 of 5
Nicaragua the Land of Lakes, Volcanoes & Zombies
In this part it seems that destiny is pointing to Nicaragua.  Before my journey can begin, I sidetracked by this unusually odd individual who is misunderstood because of his unsuspicious, overtrusting nature.


WEB EPISODE #004b – PART 2 of 5
Nicaragua the Land of Lakes, Volcanoes & Zombie
I finally made it to Nicaragua. I am getting this odd feeling that I have been at this resort before.  It is best to do some exploring and to see how the Nicaraguans live.


WEB EPISODE #004c – PART 3 of 5
Nicaragua the Land of Lakes, Volcanoes & Zombie
Being out of the -30 degree weather, is such a relief.  This is where the fun begins skydiving, zip line, toboganning or sledding down the black sands of Cerro Negro volcano, nuff said.


WEB EPISODE #004d – PART 4 of 5
Nicaragua the Land of Lakes, Volcanoes & Zombie
With all good things, they must come to an end its a good thing as the tide is coming in.  It’s best to leave now.

WEB EPISODE #004e – PART 5 of 5
Nicaragua the Land of Lakes, Volcanoes & Zombie
As reality sets in, I am put in my place.  Roll end credits.  As part my travels I plant Canadian flags continue watching to see where I put them.

Birds of Paradise Featurette In Post Production

A friend invited me to come along to a special sporting event in Nicaragua that he was attending. This sporting event was the first to be held in Nicaragua and was by invitation only. I had a vague sense of where Nicaragua was, but knew nothing about the country, other than its turbulent past. When I arrived, the Nicaraguan tourism department made us feel right at home as we got a big welcome to their country. I had no idea what to film, so I just started filming, hoping to get inspired. Every day was sunny +41 C (105.8F), but I never thought it was too hot there as the wind helped keep things cool.

The event was hosted at a resort that was located right by the beach. Upon exploring this resort, I had this nagging feeling that I have been here before, which of course couldn’t be because I have never been to Central America or for that matter been at that resort. A few days later, I figured it out — these surroundings were similar to a video game that I played called Dead Island. In this game, you had to get off this resort populated by zombies that want to eat you. That is how I came up with this story line.

The resort had occasional day tour excursions. One of them was zip lining, which is one of my activities I filmed. I boarded the bus. A short while later, the tour operator boarded. The bus departed. The tour operator started to speak French. I thought okay, I will wait for the English part. A few minutes went by. Still no English. I knew a few phrases of French, but not enough to fully understand what she was saying, especially when she was speaking fast. I managed to ask her a question in French and from what I understood, the English bus had left already. I was on the French bus. By the way, the tour bus operator didn’t speak English. Anyways to make a long story short, the bus full of Quebecois was very helpful and understanding of my broken French. We all had a great time and good memories. I made a lot of good friends. To this day we still keep in contact with each other on Facebook.

On another day tour we hiked up a very steep volcano. It took all morning and afternoon to reach the top. We tobogganed our way down. I noticed that the rocks were lava rocks, exactly like the ones in BBQs. The wind was gusting at 60km/h (37.28mph), which made climbing up those narrow paths that much more memorable. If you were missed a step, it will be a long way down sliding on lava rocks.  Watch as Michael J. Lai surf or toboggan down an active volcano and parachuting into the ocean then watch this episode, that is why he is called the Prairie Traveler.

When I was at the fine dining restaurant at the resort, I met these very nice fellow skydivers who are now good friends of mine, they spoke both Spanish/English. I owe them a huge favour because without them I couldn’t have gotten a good table, and a delicious lobster dinner. They spoke to the chef in Spanish. We got really good service and food, which by the way was the best lobster I have ever eaten.  🙂

Skydive Team 1

Photos courtesy of Vladimir Arostegui Ponce

***It was really hard to find music that had that Nicaraguan flare to it, so I picked a song about Nicaragua, sung in Italian, but the lyrics are appropriate to the video, so I decided to keep it.

***On the climb up the side of the narrow path of the volcano, I had the camera strapped to my chest so I could use my hands for stability. I was very nervous during this part of the climb — so much so that you can hear my heart beating on the audio track.

***Lost (not stolen) a video camera in the deep jungles of Nicaragua, it fell off me. Who knows, maybe a team of archaeologists 1000 years from now may discover it.

***When we were filming the winter scenes in Saskatchewan, it was a real challenge. We started filming at 9:30am at the Regina Public Library and it was -5 C (23 F) degrees outside. Three hours later, it was -35 C (-31 F)degrees outside with the wind. It was very difficult for the cameraman (Preston Dean) to keep that hand held camera steady. Typical Saskatchewan winter weather.

***There was a news program on the TV in the resort room I was staying in. I found the program interesting and that is what inspired me to come up with the story line.

***Yes the title says … Lakes, Volcanoes, & Zombies (plural), in the video it shows one. Yes it does, but if you include the zombies in the video game scene, there are more.

***Thanks to Florence Hwang for copy editing my content.

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